wtorek, 22 listopada 2011

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

 Every time when abroad no important if it’s for studying, working or just visiting after some time I get the impression that everywhere is fine but best at home, simply: home sweet home.
We may complain that our nation is fuller of disadvantages than advantages however I start to think that it is the case of anywhere where you start to deal with the locals and not only with the part of society for tourists.

After meeting many people from different countries this is my totally subjective way of seeing them:
Spanish- loud, happy, pretty lazy, very, very slow, but some of them soooo fucking handsome, btw I think I’ve seen a Spanish clone of Derek Shepherd omg! Mainly guys are nicer.
Italians- very loud, macaaaarroooooniiiii, they like to complain, they look good but are very high and mighty.
English- lazy, love to party
Amercan- have problems with general knowledge but rather nice and smiley
Polish- look bad, are in general ugly, like to complain, but hardworkers
German- ordnung

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