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four stories

School 1- Silesian Medical University (public), medicine
Long hours, its normal- difficult discipline, very old building, I would say most of the teachers unsuportable, you hate going there, u feel as an enemy of the teachers and staff, there are no facilities such as cantine or a bar, I’ve only spent there some time (thankfully) and as I have this tendence to think about all past activites with a bit of nostalgie here is absolutely nothing to be nostalgic about, ok there is one thing- my dear, greatest friends!

School 2- University of Wrocław (public), economics
Great city, some new infrastructure, some old, nothing to complain about actually if u don’t know better. Some good teachers, many really bad who do not really care about their mission, the biggest problem of this uni or probably faculty is fossilized structure and always theory studying. However, u do not feel horrified before getting in to the class, atmosphere is nice. If  I were to give note this would be a strong  C.

School 3- Academy of social psychology (private), journalism and public relations
Again great city of Wroclaw, when living there as a student, you can really feel as a European citizen. Teachers and good specialists at the same time. You can feel the difference, if you want to study you may learn a lot!
However as with most private schools if you do not want to do anything- it’s a good place for you too (I must admit that it’s the same situation in Uwr actually) but I think it’s good right? We are all adults, noone can force us to anything?!
But on the other hand the society is paying lots for this pretending of working.
Well, here we actually get to my main thought- Higher education should not ever be free if we want to provide good quality.
Anyways, the school used to be in an old shity building, but now they have built whole new campus, and good for them, they have money they improve.
I would be totally OK with this if not the fact that tuitions fees are increasing every year whilst the internships are decreasing and the biggest absurd so far is that the parking outside of the school is paid like for every hour.

School 4- European University of Madrid (private), economics
Here is the school of the dreams, it is based in the outskirts of Madrid, the campus is now 20 yrs old but all the time under construction, you feel as in the US and as if it was brand new.
There is a huge gym and 2 pools and beach voleyball and football pitch, tennis and padel courts.
But hey it‘s not all about the facilities, the teachers are very nice, most of them provide good classes, of course there are some boring once but always they are prepared. The evalution is very fair, it requires work from you.
Of course as it is a paid Uni and they need clients you may try not to do much however I believe there is no point in payin 14 000 euros a year and not doing a thing.

I suppose I will be able to enlarge my list soon, but u know, don’t count your chickens before they hatch!

So again let’s make higher education paid and let the people choose !

Siempre ameliorar.

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