środa, 2 listopada 2011

until we bleed

Some two weeks ago I was driven to the hospital, I waited only about 5 hours to get a bed, then they runned series of testes, I met doctors of any speciality that exists, and then you wait...
Basically hospital is all about waiting: you wait for bed, tests, nurse, surgery, food, to get discharged.
I was prept for the surgery, got this pill to calm me down and went to sleep.
The following morning they gave me a blue pill and took me to the OR.
I was waiting in front of the OR for like 30 minutes, finally the anesthetist came.
I passed out twice but they managed!
Hour later I was again in my bed, I couldn’t make any move for 12 hours. Sweet.

I must say it was not bad, but believe me it all goes up to your mind and you just can’t stand being at the hospital.

Avoid hospitals.

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