poniedziałek, 16 kwietnia 2012

the sweet day

I Spoke to my hun, P yesterday and I really start feeling that I miss him- finally this WE will have some time to spend together!

He didn’t call me during the day yesterday, of course I know that he was busy writing his spanish essay. Eventhough I know it I was kinda angry.

So I think this is why he called me back some time later saying:
-eerr… yhhh…. Listen I checked the message on the Photo you gave me and turns out that our anniversary is tomorrow.

Well what can I say, I’m prepared for no flowers, no romantic present- this is how he is.
But it  a sweet day anyway when I think it’s been already 2 years since qe met and fell in love.
OMG it sounds sooooo over sweeeet.

sobota, 14 kwietnia 2012


I feel like a student again!
I went out twice this weekend, got a little drunk, chatted with many nice people...

it feels good to have time to spend a weekend without driving hundreds of miles...

I was kinda pissed for two days when my hun told my he couldnt make it this weekend- I felt it was all unfair etc however I later came to conclusion that if is the one (supposingly) we will hav thousands of WE together and will be happy to get one without each other.
so here I am having a girly WE.

I bought my tickets for a language course in Playa del Carmen! whooopi!

I actually started to use a anti-wrinkle cream OMG! ageing seriously scares me and obviously not in terms of wrinkles.

sobota, 7 kwietnia 2012

I would prefer him to ba gay rather than a priest

Belgium, a little country with kindest people I know and on the other hand full of crazy guys who shoot or kidnap kids.
I am so happy to be back after a year, the hapinness in these people just make me realise how important is it to be happy and thankful for each little thing that we get.
I always find some piece while I am here- it's not that I don't like my busy life but here you just slow down and celebrate each action- I love it too.

my crazy second mum and her family- they are so lovely people, I have so much fun with them, no matter if I come for a day or a month.

yes I am so happy.
but the weater sucks. so much.