poniedziałek, 17 września 2012


They went to the Beach and felt so happy, so happy they could die.

I can't describe what I felt when the first evening we went to see the sea, we left our hotel, passed all the mexicans who are the most motivated sellers I have ever seen, once they see somebody with a brighter skin they start they spectacle:

-'hey sir how is you vacation going? how was the beach today? hey man how are you?'

Then we only had to cross la Quinta avenida to step on the bright and delicate sand.

The moon was so big and bright, it was shining on the sea, from far we could hear some live music...

I was speechless and felt so happy... The more was to come.

piątek, 14 września 2012

Sosnowiec- Warszawa- Frankfurt- Cancun- Playa del carmen

Finally the day of our trip came, after spending two months of holiday working and looking for a job we were off to Mexico, first we took a train to get to Warsaw, where we discovered that they have built a direct train taking you from central station right to the airport- what a nice, comfortable and cheap surprise!
Then we spent some night hours waiting for our first plane t Frankfurt, at first there were not many people, they started to arrive around 3 in the morning to tale charters to some famous destinations.
Happily we were in frankfurt we flew with lot with a little, nice embraer, then we had some troubles with gate changes, to our surprise condor just before embarquing chacked the weight of our hand luggage, fortunately they didn't weigh bf's backpack- with camera, computers, chargers etc we were way beyond 12 allowed kilos.
The flight was like forever, after my klm flight to japan I thought that all long flights would be the same- I expected my little tv to watch some movies!
The plane was smaller then expected (2-3-2) as a result there weren't tv for each seat- but it didnt really matter...
In general the flight went ok- the airport in cancun wasn't as nice, for sure!
We were stuck at immigration for 2 hours, waiting waiting waiting, it's just that there were probably 8 officers for like thousands of people and you know after a long flights it's really nothing you want to do!!
We finally got to our nice hotel and the holiday started....

środa, 12 września 2012

Working in an agency or a corpo wannabe?

After few little troubles I was finally accepted for an unpaid internship in a public relations agency.
Just for the record the first one I was trying to get into, was a kind of favour for my mum, i was suppose to get an opportunity of an unpaid internship in the company that was doing PR in her company- as these kind of things like to end up, they screwd me a little bit.

In the meantime I was doing my little research about agencies in Cracow, the city that I moved into, following P.

I don't know whether the agencies I found in Cracow are good or not, the truth is that in cases like this you should check their projects and clients to see if you find them interesting,
So far I strongly believe that when working somewhere first of all you should not get pissed with the work and secondly you should like what you are doing to make it the best possible.
So I applied for the two I found, I was contacted by hr specialist from one and
pr manager from the second.
Hr specialist has sent me some case studies to resolve and PR manager invited me for an interview.
I didnt get through case studies however the lady advised me to study a bit more the field and reapply in few months (youhouuu!).
I went to the interview to the second agency and after all they said the famous: 'will contact you shortly'.

Anyways interviews are the subject for the whole different post.
The 'shortly' took them a week (by the time I found myself a nice job) that I kind of suspended because I really wanted to do the internship (i may say that it is a kind of obligation at my studies but really you can easily get a confirmation paper from any company, If you really don't want to do it).
I wanted. I thought I could learn a lot during this experience.
You know I try not to believe people who say: 'yeah, yeah you will make copies and coffee. And I was probably lucky at some point because from the very first day I was writing press realizes, doing researches, calling journalists and making data bases. During few weeks I learnt really much,
Moreover I got to work with nice and helpful people and had fun. If only I got money for this I could do it longer.

Anyway one thing is sure- you will never read news the way you did before working in PR.

Being afraid that I wouldnt learn anything and wouldn't  like the agency I found some job offers on the Internet
The offers where from IBM, lufthansa and capgemini ( well I found another interesting in Philip Morris but finally didn't have time to fully apply - it sometimes take ages!)
So I postulated for junior accountant in IBM and lufthansa and for personal assistant in capgemini. They all called but only capgemini hr specialist invited me to an interview. My overall impression of capgemini building and appearance of the people working there is: OMG I wouldn't like to spend years in this open space!
I am still waiting for the reply from caogemini however I did some thinking and I think, after all pros and cons I would probably happy to work as a personal assistant for some time - it might not be my dream job but I dont have one