wtorek, 29 listopada 2011

busy with creating the perfect life

It all starts up in kindergarden where we start to discover our passions eventhough it’s just some fun for us at that time.
Going to school makes us have friends, be hated, grow up. Since the age of 7 in my case, I started to create my world.
Thanks to my parents I was pushed to do all kind of sports starting with ice-skating ending up with climbing. I hated it for long time but now I know how important it was to actually make me do this stuff.
They also signed my up for english classes, twice a week at first.
Subconciously I decided I wasn’t busy enough, so by the age of 10 I begged my parents to let me enter the music school.
Then I went to a bilingual secondary school and later high school.
I entered the med school but dropped it after two months. I really enjoyed my gap year.
I entered Uni to study economics and started to learn Spanish.
The following year I entered another Uni to study journalism and public relations. I enjoy both.
This year I went to live in Spain for some time.
I‘m so excited to see what the future will be like!

So when my friends ask my why I do so many things at a time, I just say that I can’t do it any other way cause I’ve always been busy.

This is my perfect life, my idea of fun.
Always wanting more- GJ.

Oh! Thanks for all mum and dad!

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