piątek, 18 listopada 2011

Dear Natalia

I am now suposed to be reading the article you gave us last time, as you said it seems a bit like gibberish but anyway I will read it.
But not now. 
Now I am writing this post beacause I want to let you know that you are my favourite university teacher so far.
And I think the best one too!
After a quick calculation I have met around 30 different uni teachers until now. (wow the number seems big, wow)
And seriously not one of them made classes the way you make them.
They are interesting, you give us materials to work on, you are telling it in fun (eventhough that I thought that the subject was going to be a disaster when they assigned it to me.) 
we can say whatever we feel like saying, but on the other hand we feel respect towards you.

Your evaluation seems fair to me, its not given but its made in a logic way.

So, thank you and good luck with your life!

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