wtorek, 19 czerwca 2012


Everybody is making new year's resolutions- I am not. This is why I decided to make some using as a motive my graduation (you know I have to defend my work in two days but writing blog is so much more interesting than studying...). Starting from October 2012 I will: -graduate from journalism -graduate and become a master -find a job in creative agency -go to gym 3 times a week -loose about 10 kg -quit smoking, drinking beer and eating chocolate -be nice to people -care for my friends (I will write, call, send presents even though they never do it for me) -I wont be so protective for my brother -I will be nicer for my lover -I will separate from Internet -I will be happy and thankful -I will stop to worry -I will be the happiest person on earth Ok but until then I can continue my life. How pathetic is this post? Omg

wtorek, 12 czerwca 2012

Uncle good advise

My parents thaught me a lot.
They always had time for me and gave me a lot of love, thanks to them I am where I am and I consider myself a person that thinks, in general.

However I went to visit my auntie yesterday and she really pissed me off and made me cry trying to convince me that my loved one is not for me and that I should find myslef someone better.

This is where I started to believe in brainwash.
I heard about people, mostly girls who are under such influence of parents or family that totally lose the possibility of thinking and making decisions.
Obviously, I didn't believe that.
But when I started to cry yesterday it wasn't because I wasn't sure of my ideas and of my love for P but because I felt kind of weak and I really can't explain it because there wasn't a single thing in her speech that I would do the way she sees it.

Mainly she proposed me to move back with my parents, study in my home town, leave P, find a rich and young guy, next get married and next move in with my husband and learn to live together.
oh and of course a huge pathetic wedding and church marriage is obligatory, she also told me that she was sure that my parents didn't accept P either...

"marriage gives "cement" to you relationship- you start to care for each other" as if living without marriage isn't worth anything because once people are married they start to work on the relationship.

???? SERIOUSLY????!!! 40 % of marriages in Poland split, home abuse is very common and seriously I should buy the crap about importance of the alliance called marriage??

well this visit was so strange mainly because my ideas are totally opposite but there was no discussion she was only critising my points.

I felt as if I was 12 stubborn kid who doesn't know anything.
I totally agree, that I did suffer in my life and I will do whatever I can not to suffer in my life but who knows where will I be in 20 years?
Probably I will be suffering, probably I will be worried a lot in my life but noone can save me from living my life.

Sooo thanks to that day I lost interest in marriage- it sounds pathetic