wtorek, 29 listopada 2011

busy with creating the perfect life

It all starts up in kindergarden where we start to discover our passions eventhough it’s just some fun for us at that time.
Going to school makes us have friends, be hated, grow up. Since the age of 7 in my case, I started to create my world.
Thanks to my parents I was pushed to do all kind of sports starting with ice-skating ending up with climbing. I hated it for long time but now I know how important it was to actually make me do this stuff.
They also signed my up for english classes, twice a week at first.
Subconciously I decided I wasn’t busy enough, so by the age of 10 I begged my parents to let me enter the music school.
Then I went to a bilingual secondary school and later high school.
I entered the med school but dropped it after two months. I really enjoyed my gap year.
I entered Uni to study economics and started to learn Spanish.
The following year I entered another Uni to study journalism and public relations. I enjoy both.
This year I went to live in Spain for some time.
I‘m so excited to see what the future will be like!

So when my friends ask my why I do so many things at a time, I just say that I can’t do it any other way cause I’ve always been busy.

This is my perfect life, my idea of fun.
Always wanting more- GJ.

Oh! Thanks for all mum and dad!

I don't trust girls studying mechanics

I was sitting at Uni yesterday, you know just a normal day, everybody sitting in their own cyber reality…
I’m checking some staff for my presentation and suddenly out of the bloom a tall, dark hair girl appears.
She is sitting in front of my and starts sorting out her staff.
First come the huge laptop, then those really thick books of mechanics, than pencilcase, phone, calculator and truly colorful ear plugs, held in this beautiful little box.


I like being from the East

Do you have cars?
Is it really like reaaaalllyyyy cold?
And do you have bears walking on the streets?
Is it true that you drink Vodka for breakfast?

These are the questions that I have heard from people.
First I was schocked but than I got used to it.
I now find it quite funny, especially when I give different answers to different people and than just watch their reaction.

East is so close but still so undiscovered for many westerns.

four stories

School 1- Silesian Medical University (public), medicine
Long hours, its normal- difficult discipline, very old building, I would say most of the teachers unsuportable, you hate going there, u feel as an enemy of the teachers and staff, there are no facilities such as cantine or a bar, I’ve only spent there some time (thankfully) and as I have this tendence to think about all past activites with a bit of nostalgie here is absolutely nothing to be nostalgic about, ok there is one thing- my dear, greatest friends!

School 2- University of Wrocław (public), economics
Great city, some new infrastructure, some old, nothing to complain about actually if u don’t know better. Some good teachers, many really bad who do not really care about their mission, the biggest problem of this uni or probably faculty is fossilized structure and always theory studying. However, u do not feel horrified before getting in to the class, atmosphere is nice. If  I were to give note this would be a strong  C.

School 3- Academy of social psychology (private), journalism and public relations
Again great city of Wroclaw, when living there as a student, you can really feel as a European citizen. Teachers and good specialists at the same time. You can feel the difference, if you want to study you may learn a lot!
However as with most private schools if you do not want to do anything- it’s a good place for you too (I must admit that it’s the same situation in Uwr actually) but I think it’s good right? We are all adults, noone can force us to anything?!
But on the other hand the society is paying lots for this pretending of working.
Well, here we actually get to my main thought- Higher education should not ever be free if we want to provide good quality.
Anyways, the school used to be in an old shity building, but now they have built whole new campus, and good for them, they have money they improve.
I would be totally OK with this if not the fact that tuitions fees are increasing every year whilst the internships are decreasing and the biggest absurd so far is that the parking outside of the school is paid like for every hour.

School 4- European University of Madrid (private), economics
Here is the school of the dreams, it is based in the outskirts of Madrid, the campus is now 20 yrs old but all the time under construction, you feel as in the US and as if it was brand new.
There is a huge gym and 2 pools and beach voleyball and football pitch, tennis and padel courts.
But hey it‘s not all about the facilities, the teachers are very nice, most of them provide good classes, of course there are some boring once but always they are prepared. The evalution is very fair, it requires work from you.
Of course as it is a paid Uni and they need clients you may try not to do much however I believe there is no point in payin 14 000 euros a year and not doing a thing.

I suppose I will be able to enlarge my list soon, but u know, don’t count your chickens before they hatch!

So again let’s make higher education paid and let the people choose !

Siempre ameliorar.

wtorek, 22 listopada 2011

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

 Every time when abroad no important if it’s for studying, working or just visiting after some time I get the impression that everywhere is fine but best at home, simply: home sweet home.
We may complain that our nation is fuller of disadvantages than advantages however I start to think that it is the case of anywhere where you start to deal with the locals and not only with the part of society for tourists.

After meeting many people from different countries this is my totally subjective way of seeing them:
Spanish- loud, happy, pretty lazy, very, very slow, but some of them soooo fucking handsome, btw I think I’ve seen a Spanish clone of Derek Shepherd omg! Mainly guys are nicer.
Italians- very loud, macaaaarroooooniiiii, they like to complain, they look good but are very high and mighty.
English- lazy, love to party
Amercan- have problems with general knowledge but rather nice and smiley
Polish- look bad, are in general ugly, like to complain, but hardworkers
German- ordnung

piątek, 18 listopada 2011

Dear Natalia

I am now suposed to be reading the article you gave us last time, as you said it seems a bit like gibberish but anyway I will read it.
But not now. 
Now I am writing this post beacause I want to let you know that you are my favourite university teacher so far.
And I think the best one too!
After a quick calculation I have met around 30 different uni teachers until now. (wow the number seems big, wow)
And seriously not one of them made classes the way you make them.
They are interesting, you give us materials to work on, you are telling it in fun (eventhough that I thought that the subject was going to be a disaster when they assigned it to me.) 
we can say whatever we feel like saying, but on the other hand we feel respect towards you.

Your evaluation seems fair to me, its not given but its made in a logic way.

So, thank you and good luck with your life!

To ban or not to ban?

Social services at work. This is a really up to date subject.
I’ve read an article where more than 90% of polish workers admit using social pages during they work hours.
I also read an article about Americans claiming they wouldn’t accept a job offer knowing that use of social services wouldn’t be possible, obviously, during work hours.

Shocking as it may sound, it forced me to think about it.

I wanted actually suggest to my dad banning some pages at his job, but now I’m actually reconsidering it.
On one hand workers use it to comment on films, set up for the evening or what so ever but on the other I start to believe that FB for instance, has this huge role in our society of the XXI century that banning it would be like banning the use of mobile phones.
Who knows.
The question is: would introducing more and more control actually force people to work more? Probably not.

Favourite outfits

I have this thing about loving my clothes.
So basically I get something new and I’m not sure whether I like it or not. But then comes a day when I simply start to love the cloth.
And here I’m lost- when I start to love my cloth I wear it all the time until it can’t be worn anymore.
I hate it because it basically means finally getting rid of my favourite item, also because, I’m wearing all the time the same shoes, jeans, hoody, bag, glasses or whatever!

Can’t help it.

Oh and I forgot about one thing, I can love some items until the point where I go back to the shop and buy the second one, exactly the same!

piątek, 11 listopada 2011


Observe cultures and take the best out of them!

Disfruta la vida!

Happy independence day!

Ninos ricos, pobres padres- generation Y

characteristics of the generation vary by region, depending on social and economic conditions. However, it is generally marked by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies. In most parts of the world its upbringing was marked by an increase in a neoliberal approach to politics and economics.

Well fortunately or not I am part of it. There are many different definitions but in general they are really accurate.
However, I encountered a definition where we are descriped as spoiled children of rich parents, who spent all their life on being cool.

I do agree with that. 
We basically waste our lives, get education that won't help us in the future, we waste hell loads of money partying, we travel- cause we are open minded, open for new cultures and experiences.
Of course not all but lets say there is a huge part of us.
Keeping busy with unimportant things or just bored of being bored.
But hey, you have just one life, it's up to you how you gonna live it, so why do we waste our energy on jugding others ?

Well I Chaim to be open minded too and I do not want to judge but somehow,  unconsciously I do.

When I meet a nice, hot guy i think: WOW. 
Then I talk to him it turns out that he has spent large part  of his life abroad, he was profesionally involved in sports, I still think: wow, 
than I see him doing nothing but smoking for weeks, considering the philospohy of life I think again: wow, how the hell is it possible?
You got so many chances (obviosuly he is very rich) but still I feel you don't see it. I feel sorry for him right now and its not because I feel better or whatever, I dont know where this feeling is coming from.

Being Rich is not bad. 

There was this march of unhappy or sth, in Poland a month or so ago and then so many comments: “hey Rich people shoudn't complain” “hey Rich people go get a new ferrari” “Rich people this, that” bla bla bla

Well, they feel bad let them talk! Whatever, just focus on your things.

My whole divagation seems a bit selfcentered I think nowadays we shouldn't be too concerned about everybody else, its seems brutal but seriously we can not take all of the bad things of the World on US!

To sum up I only want to add that I love being well - situated and I do not care, whether it looks good or bad.


Me: Baby, I hope you don’t mind that the first thing I do when I get back home is putting my sweatpants on.
Baby: Weeeelll noeeehhhh, at least now maybe in some years…
Me: get lost.

SWEATPANTS are cool and sexy!

środa, 2 listopada 2011

until we bleed

Some two weeks ago I was driven to the hospital, I waited only about 5 hours to get a bed, then they runned series of testes, I met doctors of any speciality that exists, and then you wait...
Basically hospital is all about waiting: you wait for bed, tests, nurse, surgery, food, to get discharged.
I was prept for the surgery, got this pill to calm me down and went to sleep.
The following morning they gave me a blue pill and took me to the OR.
I was waiting in front of the OR for like 30 minutes, finally the anesthetist came.
I passed out twice but they managed!
Hour later I was again in my bed, I couldn’t make any move for 12 hours. Sweet.

I must say it was not bad, but believe me it all goes up to your mind and you just can’t stand being at the hospital.

Avoid hospitals.

waste your time- be a student

Some people claim that studying is a waste of time. Many pointless subjects, average teachers, few hours (of course im not considering here medcine- these studies keep you busy).
Well I think that studying is great!
Mainly because if you wish you can do many more things rather than studying.
I am not trying to defend any education system (because it seems to me that in most countries exist same problems with it), in contrary I just feel that we can profit from it’s imperfections.
We don’t have many hours, so we can dedicate ourselves to hobbys, we can travel, work, study languages or just waste our life.
To me bored students shoudn’t exist nowadays.. how can you just waste your time in front of a laptop or tv when there are so many things to explore!

And If

There was no tomorrow?
It was the last day of your life, would you live it the same way?

I think I would.

Celebrate each day,  say I love you to the loved ones, follow your dreams, be happy and proud of who you are. Well it is nothing that wasn’t said before but this is in what I trust.

Family Everywhere

It’s so unbelivable when you think about it.
I‘m studying in Madrid, went for a WE to Lisboa.
My brother is based in Katowice, he went for WE to London,
My father stayed home.
My mum went to London, few days in Poland, two days in Berlin and today she is in Viena.

But we are still so close no matter how far.