niedziela, 29 lipca 2012

Olympic Games 2012

42 million dollars-  the cost of the opening ceremony.

I must say I am impressed and disgusted at the same time.

Enormous politically correct show (or propaganda if you wish)- such a waste of money.....

poniedziałek, 23 lipca 2012


I don't know what there is wrong with this date but every year it just gets me depressed.

I remember only once being at home for my birthday and I agree it was nice but all those birthdays when I am surrounded by strangers I only got to know... it's such a weird feeling... seriously!

I should probably get some sleep and try not to think about it...

well I know for sure, I BDAY sucked!

I slept a long time (which was good) but then my boss made me cry.... sweeet!

niedziela, 22 lipca 2012

aux Champs Elysées

It's really incredible to seat and watch people on this famous street.

Young and old couples, singles, homo and hetero families, beautiful and ugly people of all nations who have only one thing in common: trying to get the sensation of PARIS... they don't care whether what they see is true or not everybody just want to be part of it!

I sat on a bench for almost an hour and all I can say is that the lyrics of the song are very true: il ya tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs Elysées.

środa, 11 lipca 2012

it's a love hate relationship

So here I am after almost half of my summer job expierience and the truth is I love it and I hate it.
I hate it because I work 18 hours a day, I don't have time to shower properly.
But on the other hand I get to meet all those beautiful people... Our team is amazing but the best are some kids, you now when you hear something nice from them it just feels great, especially that it's hard to hear something nice from a teenager...
I have my favourites of course, unfortunately they are going home this saturday- I am gonna miss them and one of them so daaamn good looking!

I think the older I get the more sensitive I am- thats bad!

anyways a round trip to poland- challenge accepted!