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Erasmus- I did it my way

So here I am almost at the end of the program!

I must say that whenever I asked somebody how was Erasmus they said either: great or: awsome, being me and looking at things pretty realisticaly or maybe even pesimisticaly I didn’t fully trust them.

So how was Erasmus? Both Awesome and Great!

By chance I got to a great city: Madrid, which is totally my kind of city.
As my Uni is on the outskirts of Madrid it make it even better for me- I am no fan of living in the heart of the aglomaration- I enjoy every bit of a big city but at the end of the day I like to come back to a peacful place.

Private, posh Uni made me laugh at the begining however the adaptation went very quickly in my case. Having gym and pool on the site make things easier.

However, there are some things I must disagree with:

Erasmus = Orgasmus = fiesta all the time
Well I think it is not as much as a cliche, it just wasn’t my case I think.
Well to be honest I might be an exception in this matter...
During those past months I went out several times- mainly to get my opinion about aparently bestest fiestas of the world woaaah (right after Ibiza of course).
I’m sorry but they weren’t definitely the best parties I have been to. You can easily get cheaper and better (seriously 15 euros entrance to a totally normal club is nothing but a robbery to me.)

You’re Erasmus you don’t have to study and English is enough to study in Spain

I really believed in this one.
Mainly it is true, espacially for Spanish Unis but me, personally, I did have to study.
I would even say: a lot.
It wasn’t the toughest time, but there was a lot to do and learn.
This might have been realted to the fact that I got screwed by International Office-  they gave me 4/5 subjects in Spanish...
So no, English is not enough to have classes in Spanish.

Erasmus = friendships forever
Everyday you meet new people, from all around the world, you talk for 5 minutes, become friends on FB, share mobile number but that’s it.
At least in 99.9% of cases, I know this may seem brutal for people seeking friendships forever but this is how it is. Program ends everybody is getting back to reality, friendships are forgotten.
Of course there is always FB/Mail or different Twitter but this is not a friendship it is an acquaintance.
And if you think that this interchange will give you free holidays for the rest of your life in soooo many cool destinations then the answer is NO.

So why did I enjoy it so much?

I learnt a lot about a new culture, I understand now a lot in Spanish, I got to live in a different world- Spain.
It will surely stay one of my favourite destinations for the next years.

Oh! And I totally adore Spanish cuisine !!!

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