sobota, 15 października 2011

Why do I always have to go againt the flow?

If someone is saying something and I do not agree with I can not shut up... Mainly it does not cause me any troubles however the people mainly think that kind of crazy or  high and mighty.
Let’s say we are talking with friends and one of them starts to say Paris this, Paris that, Paris, Paris, Paris!
OK after 5 minutes I could not handle it any more and I had to say: oh my, how I hate Paris! It’s big, dirty, there is nothing romantic about crowdy Eiffel Tower and shopping is just like anywhere else! It is so overrated!

OK nobody understands me I get this weird looks but the conversation continues...

We go talking about London (I hate London and I really do have some arguments for it!), Berlin (it’s not as bad as above mentioned but still...), Warsaw (what can be cool about Warsaw? One line of metro? Or maybe the fact that there are no highways?) Madrid (and here I can finally agree that the city is cool).

to be continued

piątek, 14 października 2011

Dear diary, please remind me of...

Films I want to see: Some like it hot, Blow, Catfish, I killed my mother,

Films I want to remember: Yo tambien

Clubs and restaurants I want to visit: Danzoo Macumba

Books I want to read: King Lear,

Places I want to visit: Sierra Nevada, Andorra,

Songs I want to remember:

czwartek, 13 października 2011


Ok I think this is the time where I start to freak out. I try to stay positive at all times, but this is my human nature getting me back to earth and I just can’t help this little tickles in chest, trying to focus on different things but still all the time I get back to where I started.
We will see.

Stay positive! It’s easier said then done.

środa, 12 października 2011

Why to get married?

I am trying to understand why we, girls mostly want it.
What is it that is so cool about being a wifey?
Probably nothing, my conclusions are that we are only victims of so called system where one claims to be individualistic, special etc but is not.
We just follow the system, repeat the routine.
Well it is brutal but it seems logical to me.

I asked my two recently married friends why they did it. One got married because she wants kids and the other, not to have problems if she would be pregnant.

Off the record: I am dreaming about being a wifey! White dress, Mendelson‘ s march in the church or at the beach, party and all this stuff!

La Hispanidad

I opened FB, saw in news feed post with a link, about Megan Fox‘s tattoos, went to see it, then I went to check the website that it was on, next I fell on a article about how awful some tatoos look after pregnancy so I googled „pregnancy tatoo“ and I got to the web where women were discussing issues and concerns about their body after pregnancy, this is how I encountered a couple having triplets, somehow I ended up watching their videos on YT, than YT suggested me to watch videos about how people annouce pregnancy to their friends and family, at that point I realised that something strange was going on and decided to watch latest DH episode.
What a creative afternoon.

poniedziałek, 10 października 2011

The greatest but not perfect.

Have you ever had that feeling that you have just met the perfect person?
Or have you ever thought that your other half is perfect?
Well I have many times and I can surely say: there are no perfect people.
The other thing I know for sure is: I want to stay in love forever. I’ve been looking for my love for some time but I can surely say one more thing: I couldn’t have found any better! [On the other hand I am always saying: You can always do better- OK I still have to think about it. ]
For all those who still haven’t found I wish you all to find: a kind, gentle, bit stubborn, individualistic, caring person!
And a free spirit but still loving you very much.

Do I lose his respect for being so wild?
Hardly. He treats me like a rare and precious jewel.
And he goes through the day proud of the fact, that with me,
He is the world's most imaginative lover.
As you look around for what's new and different,
Remember these three important weapons that should be learned to keep a man in love.
Imagination, sensitivity to his moods and desires,
And the courage to experiment with new sexual techniques,
Enticing situations and places.

sobota, 8 października 2011


I make this resolution, to write at least one post every day for month. 3 2 1 here we start!

Another great day, this time in Salamanca.


czwartek, 6 października 2011

stay hungry, stay foolish

what a day, sometimes we don't have words to describe things.
I've heard an amazing and true speech today, I assisted to WBF, I wrote hundred e-mails again.
And eventhough I wasn't really studying today, I've learnt a lot.

wtorek, 4 października 2011


I've just had this idea to start to blog.
AGAIN... that's so bad... I can't ever make it properly. I've just seen my first and last post, that's crazy. I couldn't wait for Livigno, and yes it has completely changed my life! So funny...

Anyway I am probably the happiest person on earth, kind of.
Today I love my life.
I love Madrid.