niedziela, 2 listopada 2014

Soo happy.

I often ask myself what happiness is.
I am getting pretty good in realizing how happy and lucky I am. This is the point right? To know that you are good when you are good and when you are wrong to get over it.
I also think that there is something wrong with my mind- I can get very emotional without any logical reason- with those strange mood swings- I suppose it may become a problem at some point.
I feel happy when I go to work.
I feel happy to see people I like.
I am happy when the sun is shining.
I am happy when I walk.
I am happy when I buy whatever I need.
I am happy because I will go skiing soon.
I am happy because my people are healthy.
I am happy because I love my car.
I am happy with my promotion.
I am happy when I am getting back home to P.
I am happy when I pole dance.
I am happy when I squat.
I am happy when I party.
I am happy when I drink.
I am happy when I eat.
I am happy when the bed is warm.
I am happy when I see happiness.

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me…
And I’m feeling good

niedziela, 24 sierpnia 2014

I hate tourists.

I hate tourists- I said it about twenty times today, but I really do.   
To make matters worse I am one of them. 
Who said that holidays are the time to relax and free our minds? 
I get angry more than normally probably because on daily basis I would avoid places like crowdy towns and busy streets, restaurants. Today is Sunday- meaning all tourists + all locals from Nerja are on the beach. THE beach is a rather small bay with grey sand (honestly I think it is the worse thing in beautiful and charming Nerja), when you arrive it is already full of screaming children and Spanish. Eventually you will find a little space- literally for 2 towels-nothing more.  
This is where sunbathing begins… put some filter, read few pages, drink some water, go to swim aaaand put some filter, turn around, eat some fruit, look at people, go to swim etc. depending if you smoke/drink alcohol/ have lunch/play with kids / kiss etc. your paradise would last for like 5 hours but as we say “desafortunadamente” a Spanish lover decided to show off in front of his girlfriend and find a place for them…. 5 cm from my towel- sweet, I love it! So as a matter of fact little running creatures that put sand all over your towel aren’t the biggest issue on the beach!

But I’m not complaining- it is not my nature + I love holidays, it is just for those who have to work while we are on holidays.

piątek, 10 stycznia 2014

anything is possible until you make a decision.

I hate studying.
Every year in January a busy, exams period starts.
It wouldn't be unsual but this year I have my stressful job, some stupid corpo life and exams.
Last week I wouldn't dare to think that I would be looking for going back to work but yes when I woke up today and realised that the following 3 days will be full of studying I reaaaaly wanted to go to work- instead I have to study.
why do I always want more? maybe I should rather choose normal.
But i am not normal and probably never will be.
I always want more.