wtorek, 31 stycznia 2012

babies having babies

I still can not come out of the state of a shock that I got yesterday.

I was gone from my uni for a semester and during that time one of the classmates got married, pregnant and now is having a cute little baby.

Maybe this is not a surprise however being only 21 not having a job and having a boyfriend, I mean studying too sounds like WOW to me.

being jealous

The title might suggest talking about relationships, but no.

I feel that I’m more jealous of my little brother than I am of my dearest boyfriend...
Of course I get pissed when he talks to other girls but it’s not this kind of jealousy that I mean.

So howcome I’m jealous of my brother?
I feel that he is better treated by my parents, anything he wants- he gets, not that I don’t however it requiers more effrots from my side.
Going, asking, negotiating etc.

When I was his age I couldn’t do whatever I wanted I had to ask for permission, I couldn’t choose which car I will drive, how much money I would get for a trip etc.
It’s just that is it so much easier to him (but this is what is cool right? Life should be easy! OMG)

I feel that it is so stupid, but I just can’t handle it (it’s the same thing with my father changing me car every three months- I do not want to get angry but I do.)

I believe that in order to change the first thing is the recognition of the thing we want to change- so we are done with the first step- I do not want to be jealous of such a stupid thing!

Now I JUST have to change it.

Thanks for listening to me my diary- it feels so much better!

I will change this, I will change this, I will change this, I will change this!

czwartek, 26 stycznia 2012

Holy cows

It's been probably years now since I started to wonder why Spanish behave like holy cows- what Is it? It's a behavior when you do not move when somebody want to pass, you never give way to anybody, you give this look a bitch/ dick and show that you seriously do not care about anything but your comfort...
Oh and you scream instead of talking.
Well with all the respect to my Spanish friends, this is soooo common And I seriuosly can't understand it!

Any ideas?

środa, 25 stycznia 2012


Eventough I have one of the final exams today we were obliged to participate in a conference about human resources, ok- no choice, I go- prepared with two folders of notes (for my exam) i sat down ready to fight agianst another waisting time conference.

And here I am 5 hours of it... I must admit that I was wrong- I didn't study for my exam, the conference ws great, some directors telling us their experiences etc.

Least and the best was a man called, well i dont recall how but he named himself as concilliator (he has a good blog by the way!) his speech was so good, shortly speaking about seven dimensions of our lifes that we should try to have (partner, family, work, friends, hobby, woluntary).

There was also a nice lady speaking- i really liked what she said: whatever you are afraid of go out there and do it- this is how we develop, and forget about your comfort.

Well it again is one of those days that I learn a lot without studying.

wtorek, 24 stycznia 2012


So as Im in period of exams and presentations etc. I do have a lot of time to do laundry, clean my room and of course I spend a lot of time on FB.
Anything will do.

I start to hate this social network seriuosly, I cant even count how many subscriptions of so called friends I blocked this week.

How boring people can be? When this wave of posting the same link, song, articke became for good I found just soooo imoressive, as a social phenomenon of course, gotye s song first appeared on my wall in november, can you imagine that since then there is somebody actually posting it as 'great' 'look what I found' etc.????

But now its getting really annoying- i would say like 90% of my Fb friends are protesting against ACTa (not to mention all those that i blocked of cours, protesting against animal cruelty).
Seriuosly what is wrong with u people? Are u stupid or what? Do you seriously believe that posting a link on your wall will stop anybody from signing anything??????

Well i dont it might raise awarness of people but i feel that everybody is aware of what acta, anyways those on FB.

So go and protest if u have time but dont do it on FB!

Thanks, im better now.

poniedziałek, 23 stycznia 2012

Erasmus- I did it my way

So here I am almost at the end of the program!

I must say that whenever I asked somebody how was Erasmus they said either: great or: awsome, being me and looking at things pretty realisticaly or maybe even pesimisticaly I didn’t fully trust them.

So how was Erasmus? Both Awesome and Great!

By chance I got to a great city: Madrid, which is totally my kind of city.
As my Uni is on the outskirts of Madrid it make it even better for me- I am no fan of living in the heart of the aglomaration- I enjoy every bit of a big city but at the end of the day I like to come back to a peacful place.

Private, posh Uni made me laugh at the begining however the adaptation went very quickly in my case. Having gym and pool on the site make things easier.

However, there are some things I must disagree with:

Erasmus = Orgasmus = fiesta all the time
Well I think it is not as much as a cliche, it just wasn’t my case I think.
Well to be honest I might be an exception in this matter...
During those past months I went out several times- mainly to get my opinion about aparently bestest fiestas of the world woaaah (right after Ibiza of course).
I’m sorry but they weren’t definitely the best parties I have been to. You can easily get cheaper and better (seriously 15 euros entrance to a totally normal club is nothing but a robbery to me.)

You’re Erasmus you don’t have to study and English is enough to study in Spain

I really believed in this one.
Mainly it is true, espacially for Spanish Unis but me, personally, I did have to study.
I would even say: a lot.
It wasn’t the toughest time, but there was a lot to do and learn.
This might have been realted to the fact that I got screwed by International Office-  they gave me 4/5 subjects in Spanish...
So no, English is not enough to have classes in Spanish.

Erasmus = friendships forever
Everyday you meet new people, from all around the world, you talk for 5 minutes, become friends on FB, share mobile number but that’s it.
At least in 99.9% of cases, I know this may seem brutal for people seeking friendships forever but this is how it is. Program ends everybody is getting back to reality, friendships are forgotten.
Of course there is always FB/Mail or different Twitter but this is not a friendship it is an acquaintance.
And if you think that this interchange will give you free holidays for the rest of your life in soooo many cool destinations then the answer is NO.

So why did I enjoy it so much?

I learnt a lot about a new culture, I understand now a lot in Spanish, I got to live in a different world- Spain.
It will surely stay one of my favourite destinations for the next years.

Oh! And I totally adore Spanish cuisine !!!

wtorek, 17 stycznia 2012

Real Madrid

I have never really understood the phenomenon of football.
I have never been interested in football...
However I was forced yesterday to try and stalk one of the players.
It was cold and rainy, we were waiting for them to go out of training and finally we could see some famous guys...

I must admit it was nice to see those known faces in their beautiful cars.

But there was something more. I understood that their job is much more complicated then I thought. It’s not just a question of kicking ball some days in a month.
It’s training every day and matches at least 2 times a week- they participate in so many competitions.
Above all that their lives, seem to be very difficult.
They seriously can not move withought attention of all the people.

So yes they are so rich but they pay a lot for it.

piątek, 13 stycznia 2012

New Year

I somehow can’t get to this atmopshere of greeting everybody HNY even in the middle of January... but on the other hand I realised that it may be considered rude by some people, the older generation- so I make efforts.

Anyway I don’t know whether it’s only me, or my age group, or whoever but I do not make new year’s resolutions, I do not wish that it will be better then the past one.

The only thing I do- I say thank you to somebody up there, for the past year and hope that the following will be no worse than the old one.

Well I just find it funny with all those people running to the gym in January, not using facebook during the week, quitting smoking.
As I always say, it’s their choice, their life- so again the only thing I can do is stop even boder about others.

But wait if I start minding only my business about all matters wouldn’t it be unhuman? We, people are made to leave in groups, interact and stuff.
Well- my conclusions are not understandable! Great!

oh! and Happy New Year!