czwartek, 31 maja 2012

what a feeling

So here is the thing, I started to analyse it after I passed out the fourth or fifth time in my life- it is such a strange feeling.

Usually its easy to forget but this time I made efforts to keep it in my mind.
I felt as if I was in bed, and I felt so unbelivable comfortable that I didn’t want it to end any time soon. 
I felt that I was smiling and felt soo sooo good and then the feeling of waking up came…
And I started to hear the voices like: “come on! You hear me?! Wake up!” and saw all my class mated standing around me and checking me out.
Then I started to remember what happened I was dramatically pale and couldn’t stand up without getting dizzy for few good minutes…


I must say that I am often having state of dilemma in my mind however yesterday when I heard from my doctor: miss, there are two Solutions: either you get another surgery or you get pregnant”
I must admit that it all went to a different level of dilemma…

I am almost six months now after histeroscopy and any other histeroscopy increases the risk of having troubles in getting pregnant however on the other hand nobody said that I would get pregnant now even if I decided that I wanted to go for it.

Well this is called : “good” news coming always in wrong times.

środa, 30 maja 2012

dear euro 2012 supporters in Poland,

I feel sorry for those of you who will have to you use any healthcare in Poland.

Yesterday I Could taste what is it like to go to ER and…. Wait 4 hours…

You know when you read it you feel like what is four hours? People around the World can’t reach any help in days!
OK but we are 2 weeks away from Euro and I sincerely hope that none of houndreds of thousands tourists who come won’t need ANY med help.

It was like a nightmare, I was almost passing out of pain, people where pushing into the line and apparentely this ER was empty because in the other one, closer to my home, there were 50 people waiting.

Advise: young medical rescuers are nice and helpful, old nurses are grumpy, the only doctor who was there did will to help at all- she was making coffee.

niedziela, 20 maja 2012

dear Mark Zuckerberg,

I should probably say thank you for Facebook but I won't.
with you social platform going to stock market you talked a lot about it recently.
You said that it's goal is to connect people who where seperated, who live in other parts of world.
truth is that if we want to stay in touch we write an e-mail- we don't need Facebook.
it exists only because of our need to spy on people to know their lives, gossips but it does not help us to keep relations.
it is only a virtual world that I do not want to be part of.

I am a Facebook addict and I am going to a rehab.

sobota, 19 maja 2012

having sex with full make up on

is kinda challlenge but if you can't hold on anymore and just have to do it just before leaving you should follow those rules:
1. take off only the clothes you need to take off
2. be on the top
3. try not to rub too much your face with the body of lover (hard to do, I know!)
4. primp the make and your ready to go!

wtorek, 15 maja 2012

Lynette Scavo

I find myself truely inspired by what Lynette said in her speach at Rennee's wedding.

you are waiting for someone to love you, then when you finally get that person you may forget during life routine that this was the only thing you needed for hapinness and so you keep searching for new things but you can't get satisfied with anything else because the thing you needed is love that you have.

plus it was the very last episode of the series that i have been following for 8 years!

piątek, 11 maja 2012

feeling like teenager

the cashier asking you for ID when you're buying beers is:

a) annoying
b) stupid
c) makes you smile when you are 22 and more than a half !!:)


Dear high school graduates in Poland!

You are right now in the middle of your high school finals, and you think that this is the end of the World.
You still haven’t decided what to study, besides whatever you decide will be still verified when the results come.

I am so sorry to tell you that but this exam is just rubbish, any exam that comes after is way more difficult and most importantly: this exams do not verify any knowledge at all (obviously like most of the exams).
The other thing is that we can’t find anybody to blame but the system that in each country has some shortcomings.

You feel that whatever you decide now will change your life forever…
Here comes the suprise, from the students I know probably around 10 % sticked to their first choice of career most of us either changed it after a short while, or dropped it after few years or started a second faculty.
This all only in Poland, you think you need either very Rich parents or take a huge loan to study? NO!
It’s free here- this is why it’s crap but at the end of the day we get for example great doctors! so no fees no stress…

Taking my example, I can give you an advise.

if you feel you wanna give a shot to medicine go for it!
but don’t you ever go to Silesian Medical University- the people there will humilate you very quickly and you will just drop it.

If you then feel like having a year off and realise your passions- go for it! (of course orly if you are lucky like I was that I haven’t had to work for living)

If you fall in love with a city and new campus of economics at its university, go and study there- don’t listen to what people say, if you want to study you will take the best out of it!

If you notice that you have been skiing for more than seven weeks during your first year of economics it may mean you have some spare time, don’t hesitate to start another faculty like let’s say journalism with PR specialization.

If you Discover that you won’t be accepted to the public course (because back in the day you took the wrong high school finals) try to find a private university, the best would be the one that offers teachers from the public one.  
This way you have to pay a little bit you get the best specialists in the field almost orly for you- there are like 50 students in a year and among them 25 not willing to work so if you want to learn a lot you can.

So guys, don’t worry be happy and don’t ever regret antyhing because every cloud has a silver lining.

czwartek, 10 maja 2012

Upper east sider

I sometimes feel like an upper east sider but in polish conditions, I suppose it might be a bit exaggerated. I just have different problems than people around me.
Don't get me wrong, I am very happy where I am, but I like to keep myself down to earth and realise that my so called problems are no problems for real....

well, I might be thinking too much- and the funniest thing is that I openly laugh at people, for example my teachers, trying to sell us some philosophical crap.

I like to plan each hour, day, month
I am an optimist but realist
I love few people and travelling
I want to have kids
Food is very important to me
I don't get on well with public transport
I respect many people
I function better at 5am than at 10pm
I often change my mind
I am talented in putting myself into troubles
I like studying languages and going to school
I am not touched by animals
I travel in time

writing is hard.

I would love to be one of those persons who are able to write their dairy everyday for years.
Obviously I am not but I want to work on it- I know that memories that are in my hand won't last forever- especially that I forget most of things very quickly.

He draws near the periphery
In disbelief on delivery
Came child from the deep inferno
Crusty head of dead volcano
Heartless crow with brittle beak
Wooden leg too schocked to speak
Lilac dust of a woman's hair
A wooden cross a paper prayer
A stone where her body lay
A stack of feathers a pile of hay
A mushroom for an eye ball
A mustache from the snow fall
Worms weave a ring where fairies square dance
Queens and kings fairies weave wigs with eyelash
Trance music makes the fairies dance