piątek, 18 listopada 2011

To ban or not to ban?

Social services at work. This is a really up to date subject.
I’ve read an article where more than 90% of polish workers admit using social pages during they work hours.
I also read an article about Americans claiming they wouldn’t accept a job offer knowing that use of social services wouldn’t be possible, obviously, during work hours.

Shocking as it may sound, it forced me to think about it.

I wanted actually suggest to my dad banning some pages at his job, but now I’m actually reconsidering it.
On one hand workers use it to comment on films, set up for the evening or what so ever but on the other I start to believe that FB for instance, has this huge role in our society of the XXI century that banning it would be like banning the use of mobile phones.
Who knows.
The question is: would introducing more and more control actually force people to work more? Probably not.

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