piątek, 13 stycznia 2012

New Year

I somehow can’t get to this atmopshere of greeting everybody HNY even in the middle of January... but on the other hand I realised that it may be considered rude by some people, the older generation- so I make efforts.

Anyway I don’t know whether it’s only me, or my age group, or whoever but I do not make new year’s resolutions, I do not wish that it will be better then the past one.

The only thing I do- I say thank you to somebody up there, for the past year and hope that the following will be no worse than the old one.

Well I just find it funny with all those people running to the gym in January, not using facebook during the week, quitting smoking.
As I always say, it’s their choice, their life- so again the only thing I can do is stop even boder about others.

But wait if I start minding only my business about all matters wouldn’t it be unhuman? We, people are made to leave in groups, interact and stuff.
Well- my conclusions are not understandable! Great!

oh! and Happy New Year!

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