środa, 25 stycznia 2012


Eventough I have one of the final exams today we were obliged to participate in a conference about human resources, ok- no choice, I go- prepared with two folders of notes (for my exam) i sat down ready to fight agianst another waisting time conference.

And here I am 5 hours of it... I must admit that I was wrong- I didn't study for my exam, the conference ws great, some directors telling us their experiences etc.

Least and the best was a man called, well i dont recall how but he named himself as concilliator (he has a good blog by the way!) his speech was so good, shortly speaking about seven dimensions of our lifes that we should try to have (partner, family, work, friends, hobby, woluntary).

There was also a nice lady speaking- i really liked what she said: whatever you are afraid of go out there and do it- this is how we develop, and forget about your comfort.

Well it again is one of those days that I learn a lot without studying.

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