poniedziałek, 19 grudnia 2011


I landed on Saturday on early morning, it was really grey and windy, very warm as for this thime of year, 3 grades. I went out at Cracow airport and I was so happy.
Not happy because I left Spain, where I really enjoy living but because I was so exicted about coming home.
Cracow, as usually full of turists who get surprised when they look for subway which does not exist, then they discover that on Saturday there is a bus every 40 minutes- going to the center.
We took the bus, really crowdy one, changed to another and we finally got to my love’s appartment. I was very suprised to dicover how far ahead they where with construction of „fast tram” and new road connecting our estate with the rest of Cracow. It’s a good place to live, just in front of new campus of the largest and oldest Uni in Cracow, UJ. 
It was a WE full of love for me, after some time spent at home we headed to Christmas market on Cracow’s main square. I must say that it has the best Christmas see I have ever seen on market square. It’s huge and natural- simply beautiful and smells so nice. I satisfied my needs of buying warm wine and chocolate cowered fruits and we had romantic walk back.
To make it all even better, we bought some beers and spent an evening in front of tv with beers and crisps!
I couldn’t imagine better wake up than my boyfriend kissing me and showing me the snow outside...
We hurried for an early dinner to my home. I missed so much my family! We didn’t know where to start! Everybody was talking, eating, smiling, great!
In the evening I went to Wroclaw, the highway didn’t change, for some more months we wouldn’t have to pay. My friend lives in such a nice appartment.

I just woke up.

And it’s sunny today! I can see main road far from my window, I hear street noises and probably should stop being so happy and just get to work!

I am so Happy! Have a good day!

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