wtorek, 24 stycznia 2012


So as Im in period of exams and presentations etc. I do have a lot of time to do laundry, clean my room and of course I spend a lot of time on FB.
Anything will do.

I start to hate this social network seriuosly, I cant even count how many subscriptions of so called friends I blocked this week.

How boring people can be? When this wave of posting the same link, song, articke became for good I found just soooo imoressive, as a social phenomenon of course, gotye s song first appeared on my wall in november, can you imagine that since then there is somebody actually posting it as 'great' 'look what I found' etc.????

But now its getting really annoying- i would say like 90% of my Fb friends are protesting against ACTa (not to mention all those that i blocked of cours, protesting against animal cruelty).
Seriuosly what is wrong with u people? Are u stupid or what? Do you seriously believe that posting a link on your wall will stop anybody from signing anything??????

Well i dont it might raise awarness of people but i feel that everybody is aware of what acta, anyways those on FB.

So go and protest if u have time but dont do it on FB!

Thanks, im better now.

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