środa, 30 maja 2012

dear euro 2012 supporters in Poland,

I feel sorry for those of you who will have to you use any healthcare in Poland.

Yesterday I Could taste what is it like to go to ER and…. Wait 4 hours…

You know when you read it you feel like what is four hours? People around the World can’t reach any help in days!
OK but we are 2 weeks away from Euro and I sincerely hope that none of houndreds of thousands tourists who come won’t need ANY med help.

It was like a nightmare, I was almost passing out of pain, people where pushing into the line and apparentely this ER was empty because in the other one, closer to my home, there were 50 people waiting.

Advise: young medical rescuers are nice and helpful, old nurses are grumpy, the only doctor who was there did will to help at all- she was making coffee.

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