piątek, 11 maja 2012

Dear high school graduates in Poland!

You are right now in the middle of your high school finals, and you think that this is the end of the World.
You still haven’t decided what to study, besides whatever you decide will be still verified when the results come.

I am so sorry to tell you that but this exam is just rubbish, any exam that comes after is way more difficult and most importantly: this exams do not verify any knowledge at all (obviously like most of the exams).
The other thing is that we can’t find anybody to blame but the system that in each country has some shortcomings.

You feel that whatever you decide now will change your life forever…
Here comes the suprise, from the students I know probably around 10 % sticked to their first choice of career most of us either changed it after a short while, or dropped it after few years or started a second faculty.
This all only in Poland, you think you need either very Rich parents or take a huge loan to study? NO!
It’s free here- this is why it’s crap but at the end of the day we get for example great doctors! so no fees no stress…

Taking my example, I can give you an advise.

if you feel you wanna give a shot to medicine go for it!
but don’t you ever go to Silesian Medical University- the people there will humilate you very quickly and you will just drop it.

If you then feel like having a year off and realise your passions- go for it! (of course orly if you are lucky like I was that I haven’t had to work for living)

If you fall in love with a city and new campus of economics at its university, go and study there- don’t listen to what people say, if you want to study you will take the best out of it!

If you notice that you have been skiing for more than seven weeks during your first year of economics it may mean you have some spare time, don’t hesitate to start another faculty like let’s say journalism with PR specialization.

If you Discover that you won’t be accepted to the public course (because back in the day you took the wrong high school finals) try to find a private university, the best would be the one that offers teachers from the public one.  
This way you have to pay a little bit you get the best specialists in the field almost orly for you- there are like 50 students in a year and among them 25 not willing to work so if you want to learn a lot you can.

So guys, don’t worry be happy and don’t ever regret antyhing because every cloud has a silver lining.

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