piątek, 14 września 2012

Sosnowiec- Warszawa- Frankfurt- Cancun- Playa del carmen

Finally the day of our trip came, after spending two months of holiday working and looking for a job we were off to Mexico, first we took a train to get to Warsaw, where we discovered that they have built a direct train taking you from central station right to the airport- what a nice, comfortable and cheap surprise!
Then we spent some night hours waiting for our first plane t Frankfurt, at first there were not many people, they started to arrive around 3 in the morning to tale charters to some famous destinations.
Happily we were in frankfurt we flew with lot with a little, nice embraer, then we had some troubles with gate changes, to our surprise condor just before embarquing chacked the weight of our hand luggage, fortunately they didn't weigh bf's backpack- with camera, computers, chargers etc we were way beyond 12 allowed kilos.
The flight was like forever, after my klm flight to japan I thought that all long flights would be the same- I expected my little tv to watch some movies!
The plane was smaller then expected (2-3-2) as a result there weren't tv for each seat- but it didnt really matter...
In general the flight went ok- the airport in cancun wasn't as nice, for sure!
We were stuck at immigration for 2 hours, waiting waiting waiting, it's just that there were probably 8 officers for like thousands of people and you know after a long flights it's really nothing you want to do!!
We finally got to our nice hotel and the holiday started....

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