piątek, 16 marca 2012

sorry hun!

I realised today how busy my father is...

Me: dad can I come over to your office to discuss the progress of my bachelor work?
Dad: sure hun! Uh, why you wanna come to my office? Can’t we do it at home?
Me: dad for the last few days I have seen you for 15 minutes at home, so I think work is a better place...
Dad: u may be right... when you wanna come?
Me: tomorrow?
Dad: sure no problem, when?
Me: dunno, when you can?
Dad: uh... I don’t know I’ll call you during the day.

Call during the day:
Dad: sorry hun, I have an unexpected meeting at 2, I know I said 2 was for you but u know..
Me: don’t worry dad, just call me when you re done!
Dad: really sorry.

Poor daddy...

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