sobota, 15 października 2011

Why do I always have to go againt the flow?

If someone is saying something and I do not agree with I can not shut up... Mainly it does not cause me any troubles however the people mainly think that kind of crazy or  high and mighty.
Let’s say we are talking with friends and one of them starts to say Paris this, Paris that, Paris, Paris, Paris!
OK after 5 minutes I could not handle it any more and I had to say: oh my, how I hate Paris! It’s big, dirty, there is nothing romantic about crowdy Eiffel Tower and shopping is just like anywhere else! It is so overrated!

OK nobody understands me I get this weird looks but the conversation continues...

We go talking about London (I hate London and I really do have some arguments for it!), Berlin (it’s not as bad as above mentioned but still...), Warsaw (what can be cool about Warsaw? One line of metro? Or maybe the fact that there are no highways?) Madrid (and here I can finally agree that the city is cool).

to be continued

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