czwartek, 17 stycznia 2013

Margaux in wonderland

After perfect Mexican holidays we are back to reality.
It has been some time ago already. We actually manage to have another quick trip to Autstria in the meantime.
My life is perfect now, it feels very good to be happy.
I feel loved, needed and enjoy all those feelings- I sometimes fear that is not for long but then I quickly remind myself that we are the creators of our lives…

So after my big dilemma here I am as a corpo wannabe- so funny at the end of the day.

It is exactly the way I saw corpos- rat race, little arrangmenet between those who are priviliged, everybody is complaining about salaries, work environment etc.

Working as a Customer Service Officer is hard but not unsupportable ! we all knew what job we take, we all know that french market (for which we are working) is one of the thoughest and we should all be not surpirised that they expect us actually to work.

I think it’s funny- I am being impatient about renegotiating the contract (I signed it until april).


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