wtorek, 19 czerwca 2012


Everybody is making new year's resolutions- I am not. This is why I decided to make some using as a motive my graduation (you know I have to defend my work in two days but writing blog is so much more interesting than studying...). Starting from October 2012 I will: -graduate from journalism -graduate and become a master -find a job in creative agency -go to gym 3 times a week -loose about 10 kg -quit smoking, drinking beer and eating chocolate -be nice to people -care for my friends (I will write, call, send presents even though they never do it for me) -I wont be so protective for my brother -I will be nicer for my lover -I will separate from Internet -I will be happy and thankful -I will stop to worry -I will be the happiest person on earth Ok but until then I can continue my life. How pathetic is this post? Omg

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