poniedziałek, 16 kwietnia 2012

the sweet day

I Spoke to my hun, P yesterday and I really start feeling that I miss him- finally this WE will have some time to spend together!

He didn’t call me during the day yesterday, of course I know that he was busy writing his spanish essay. Eventhough I know it I was kinda angry.

So I think this is why he called me back some time later saying:
-eerr… yhhh…. Listen I checked the message on the Photo you gave me and turns out that our anniversary is tomorrow.

Well what can I say, I’m prepared for no flowers, no romantic present- this is how he is.
But it  a sweet day anyway when I think it’s been already 2 years since qe met and fell in love.
OMG it sounds sooooo over sweeeet.

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